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COP27 Report and Debriefing Session

Climate Youth Japan (CYJ) has completed a report on the COY17 (Nov. 2-4) and COP27 (Nov. 6-20) mission of seven CYJ members, summarizing COY17 and COP27, CYJ's activities in the field and the vivid experiences and memories of each member.

Since its establishment in 2010, CYJ has been sending members to the COP every year. This is because we believe that "advocacy for decision-makers in Japan and abroad" and "empowerment of Japanese youth who are interested in climate change but unable to take action" are important. CYJ members are able to output their knowledge and awareness of climate change, which they have gained through year-round activities such as study sessions, hosting events, dialogues with people from different backgrounds, and through policy advocacy and opinion exchange meetings.

It has been almost 30 years since climate change countermeasures were first addressed within the framework of the United Nations. As the youth of the 2020s, the generation that has fully benefited from ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) education, we will continue our activities in the future.

Video of the debriefing session:

Report in English:

COP27 Report [ENG]
Download PDF • 25.77MB

Report in Japanese:

Download PDF • 27.28MB

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