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International Business

COP Dispatch

Since its establishment in 2010, CYJ has dispatched Japanese youth to the COP every year. The COP dispatch program is designed to develop human resources who will work on climate change issues in the future by sending messages on behalf of future generations, collaborating and interacting with youth from around the world who are interested in climate change issues, and disseminating opinions domestically and internationally. The participants prepare for the COP by studying about international climate change negotiations and discussing actions to be taken in the field.

In FY2022, the program is also widely dispatching young people to international conferences, including the "UN Climate and SDG Snergies Conference" held at the United Nations University in collaboration with JYPS (Japan Youth Platform for a Sustainable Society) and COND (General Incorporated Association). In FY2022, we plan to co-host a side event with JYPS (Japan Youth Platform for Sustainability) and COND (Change Our Next Decade) at the United Nations University, and attend the UN Water Conference at the UN Headquarters in New York.

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As an output after the COP dispatch, a report is prepared every year.

Please click on the image to link to the PDF file.





発行:Climate Youth Japan


Hosting Events

We organize side events at COY (Conference of Youth, the youth version of COP) and manage the LCOY (Local Conference of Youth, the regional version of COY) in Japan.

In FY2023, we plan to hold an event in conjunction with UN Environment Day on June 5.

International Network

We are a member of AYCN (Asia Youth Climate Network). We are working together with Asian youth organizations from more than 16 countries, including Taiwan, Korea, China, and Malaysia, to "increase the presence of Asian youth in environmental activities at COP and in Asia" by co-hosting side events at COY, training members to improve their skills, and writing joint statements. The COY is also working with other Asian youth organizations in 16 countries, such as Malaysia.

We are also considering other activities such as filming podcasts with the youth we met at the COP and holding joint study sessions after returning to Japan.

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