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Our Activites

Domestic Business

Through policy proposals to government agencies and opinion exchange meetings with companies, we aim to ensure that the views of young people are reflected in the decision-making process in society. We also deepen our ties with local governments by holding events in collaboration with the City of Yokohama and conducting fieldwork in Minami-Ashigara City and Nishiawakura Village. Other activities include an environmental café with Dr Mitsuru Tada of the National Institute for Environmental Studies, art projects, and visits to nuclear power plants.

International Business

We aim to solve problems in cooperation with the rest of the world by attending other international conferences, making proposals, and exchanging opinions, with a focus on the dispatch program to COP, which CYJ has continued for 13 years since its establishment. CYJ manages events utilizing its international network, especially LCOY (Local Conference of Youth) CYJ is a member of AYCN (Asia Youth Climate Network).

Study Sessions

Climate change is a broad issue that affects all sectors in one way or another, and CYJ divides its members into teams by theme, such as energy, justice, and climate change adaptation, to raise and update their knowledge base with colleagues from various backgrounds. Policy advocacy study sessions and international conference preparatory meetings are held to develop basic knowledge to link to other activities.

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