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Domestic Business

Policy Advocacy

Through policy proposals to government agencies and opinion-exchange meetings with businesses, we aim to ensure that the opinions of young people are reflected in society's decision-making processes.


Cooperation with

Strengthen ties with local governments through events held in collaboration with the City of Yokohama and fieldwork in Minami-Ashigara City and Nishiawakura Village.

CYJ and the City of Yokohama have been collaborating since 2020. So far, CYJ has made presentations at exchange events, provided video messages for the "Earth Hour" campaign to turn off lights on the same day and at the same time to prevent global warming, and held workshops on energy issues.


Other Activities

We have invited Dr. Mitsuru Tada of the National Institute for Environmental Studies to hold an "environmental café," and we have invited freelance announcer Arata Owada to lead us on a "nuclear power plant tour" to see and think about the remaining remains of the earthquake with our own eyes. In addition, from FY 2022, we have started an art project as a way for young people to output their ideas, which are not limited to policy proposals. Previously, we were involved in activities such as "Eco Tapi" and "Candle Night.

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